1. I have major closet envy! As an American living in Denmark, I’m appalled by the lack of closet space over here. They don’t do built-in closets, so I’ve got one free standing wardrobe, which I have to share with my husband and stepson. It’s insanity! Everyday is a fight against our overstuffed wardrobe. I’ve even been known to lose whole outfits for months on end just because I can’t dig my way through to find them. Living in Europe is so romantic… yeah right!

  2. Your closet looks so clean and organized, I need to get involved in this challenge. I’m sure I have a lot of clothing that is out of date that can be “decluttered”.

  3. I feel like every time I pack up my winter clothes, Mother Nature laughs in my face. Snow covers the ground and then I am scrambling for heavy coats again. Love The Container Store for trying to contain all of the stuff that my boys require, especially in our play room!

  4. I love an organized closet. We recently moved across the country so for the most part our closets are organized…for now. But our old home required much work to get the closets organized for our showings. I like your six weeks of spring order listing for getting the home organized. I think it is a valuable tool.

  5. I would love to figure out how to organize my cluttered closet. I have limited space in my apartment and my closet is filled from floor to almost ceiling. You’ve just inspired me to get to work on doing my spring cleaning starting with my closet. Thanks for the info and inspiration.

  6. You know what..I should take this challenge too haha. I really love how neat and organized and pretty your closet looks. Mine really is a mess…After the last couple of months, I’ve just piled on items (mostly clothes) into my closet and its been driving me nuts! I really want a nice and organized closet where I can exactly find everything. Thanks for reminding me to do it!

  7. Wow, I’ve done a lot of spring cleaning recently but I’d never be so organised as to follow a six week schedule of it! Your wardrobe is so organised, such a lovely way to have it. I recently donated a lot of my clothes and shoes to charity so now my wardrobe is also neat and tidy, I hope it stays that way!

  8. If you could see the state of my closet right now you would have a heart attack, my excuse is that I am going on holiday next week and that moving house in 3 weeks so need to organize what I will dismantle.

  9. You did an amazing job with your closet. I am going on vacation soon, and I hope that I can take some time to get organized. I need to use these checklists and make sure to DONATE everything that I can!

  10. I long to have a closet that is ultra organized like the images shown here. I don’t have the space, and at the moment, I don’t have the time to figure something else better. I really need to do a seasonal purge of my clothing. That is something I can do – will save me a lot of time when this warmer weather really hits. i should show my Mom this post – she’s in the process of deciding on shelves and better ways to maximize her closet space.

  11. My closet is such a mess. I’m actually really looking forward to cleaning it out. It’s also smaller than I would like so I love all the different options for organization!

  12. I need to check out the Container Store. I used to be really good about keeping clothes organized, I don’t know how it got out of control! Having nice organizers is incentive to make everything nice!

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