It is Good to Feel Happy #WordlessWednesday

It is good to feel happy!  Although a little blurry, I looked at this picture and thought, I feel happy.  Having good hair also helped too! Feeling good is something stronger than words can express! So, for this Wordless Wednesday, I hope you feel good too!             It is good to feel happy! … [Read more...]

Construction of Freedom Tower #WordlessWednesday

Two weeks ago, I went down to lower Manhattan and had my first up close glimpse  of the Freedom Tower.  I found myself gazing up in awe.  As I thought about what to post this Wednesday, I thought it was fitting to post this for my dad. Up until the late 90s, my dad worked at 4 WTC.  Today is his birthday. So, Happy Birthday Dad! We love you! … [Read more...]

Wacky Weather #WordlessWednesday

It was over 60 degrees in NYC today.  What a difference a year makes! Last January, the snow and freezing temperatures came with no end in sight. But, just a little over a week ago, we had a snowstorm.  It seems like months ago. … [Read more...]