New Year’s Goals for Kids

I hope you and yours are having a Happy New Year!

We have been under the weather.   My children have had colds and I think it is now my turn.  Of course it is.  When they are sick, you hug them, hold them tighter and want everything to be ok. In turn, they cough and sneeze all over you. And that’s ok, as long as they are feeling better.  But, right now, I have a stuffed nose and a tickle in my throat. UGH

It is an important reminder that as my grandmother would say, “Health is wealth.”

So, last year, I participated with Emily, now of Our Knight Life – Family and Life in Las Vegas in a setting goals for the new year post.  Emily had written a post  entitled Teaching Children to Set Goals | New Year Ideas for Kids. 

After reading, I thought I should ask my Savvy Ladies what they thought of Emily’s goals.  So here are our answers a year later.


Oldest Savvy’s answers –


1. Florida and Disney  ( I like her plan.  I think I’ll have to figure that out for the summer.)

2. I want to go ice skating.

3. I would like to learn more about basketball. ( This is our winter sport right now.  As the team plays, they are getting better and better.  It is exciting to watch!)

4. I would like to help anyone who needs it because it is nice to help others.


Middle Savvy’s answers


1. I decided on Great Wolf Lodge.

2. I want to go shopping for a new stocking. I’m tired of the reindeer on my stocking. ( We found a Hello Kitty stocking on sale in Walgreens. Score!)

3. I would like to get better at Art especially painting.

4. If I could help anyone, it would be my baby sister so she can learn.  (Nothing beats that.)


Baby Savvy’s answers


1. Why are you asking me? To the movies, yeah

2. I like to play with Henry.

3. I want to go to school with my sister.

4. I want to help Henry.  I like him.


Click here to see last year’s goals.  I think it is nice to reflect on last year’s answers and see growth and decision making. Thanks to Emily for including the kids in goals for the new year.

Have you asked your children what their goals are for 2013?



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    I love their answers, and I love that you have them thinking ahead to the new year! It’s tough for the little ones to wrap their brain around time, I think – this is great practice!

  2. says

    I never thought about asking my children what their resolutions or goals. I’m sure if I asked them it would pertained to something that would cost me money! lol

  3. says

    LOl, what a great idea! Actually, my daughter Amelia did these at school – they did them at the beginning of the year. Neat, huh? Oh how I love her school…

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