Ford Fusion Street Chic Sweepstakes & Tour

The 2013 Ford Fusion Street Chic tour made a pit stop at Shecky’s Girls Night Out event where attendees were able to get up close and personal in the Fusion Fitting Room.

Fusionistas were on hand to give everyone all the ins and outs of Fords newest model of the Fusion.
This midsize car has everything you need from stylish design to smart technology.  It practically does everything for you; including help park your car.

There are 3 options of Fusions to choose from Gas, Hybrid, and now the Plug-In Hybrid.  I loved learning about the Plug in Hybrid everyone wants to be environmentally friendly and why not add this to your list of helping the planet.  This vehicle will lower your carbon footprint and is considered to be the most fuel efficient midsize car in the U.S.
If you have started to notice parking spots with plug in stations this is the reason why, the battery can be recharged from a regular outlet.

Smart technology isn’t just for your phone anymore it is featured in this car as well.  If you don’t like to Parallel Park or can’t stand searching for parking spots afraid you won’t fit in a tight spot let the park assist option help you out. This smart car measures the distance to the curb and even the space between cars.

Texting and driving are a bad mix but with sync voice-activated technology you will no longer need to have your phone in hand you can just voice and will set up everything for you.  Have no fear you will never get lost with turn by turn directions and traffic updates coming through the stereo.
SYNC® with MyFord Touch®puts you in control of vehicle functions while keeping your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

Some of my favorite features are the Lane-Keeping System can alert you when you drift from your lane and don’t worry if you have multiple drivers you can set the positions of the seats for each person and program it so you never have to adjust again from someone else driving.  A minor detail that I really liked was that the car alerted you when you had low tire pressure   but even indicated which tire it was no more guessing game.


If you’d like to learn more about the sleek, stylish 2013 Ford Fusion, you’ve got options.

Come to one of our Fusion Fitting Room events and try one on

Build Your Own on

Locate a Dealer and set up a test drive today

Visit the Fusion Street Chic site every day through December 31, 2012 for more chances to win.


I was not compensated for this post.  I did receive tickets for the purpose of review.

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