Favorite Frozen Holiday Picks from TTPM

by Kerri on October 29, 2014


For the past few years TTPM (Time To Play Magazine) has been putting together a Holiday Showcase of up and coming toys that will be a sure hit for this 2014 Holiday Season. If you have any little ones who are over the moon for Frozen then check out these fabulous finds that I came  across while attending this year. If you see something you like make sure you pick it up right away. As with all things Frozen, these items will be flying off the shelves and will be hard to find before the big day.


Disney Frozen Musical Light-Up Dress – Elsa

Your child can twirl to activate fun lights and music when wearing the Disney Frozen Musical Light-Up Dress in the Elsa style. The dress plays Elsa’s iconic song, “Let It Go.” The fun dress allows your little one to look just like the troubled queen of Arendelle, and it features a lovely snowflake glitter print on its sparkling fabric.

Disney Frozen – Musical Light up Dress (Anna)

Look enchanting in Anna’s dress from Disney’s Frozen! This beautiful Anna dress features magical motion-activated lights and music! Twirl and watch as the dress lights up and begins to play Anna’s iconic song For the First Time in Forever! Anna’s dress also features sparkling fabric with a beautiful flower glitter print, the perfect addition to your Frozen dress up collection! 231

Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll

  • Hear Elsa say 15 phrases from Frozen with a touch of her magical snowflake necklace
  • Raise Elsa’s arm and watch her necklace and dress magically light up
  • Snow Glow Elsa doll sings the hit song “Let it Go”


Disney Frozen Snow Cone Maker – Olaf

Your little one can enjoy the magic of transforming ice cubes into tasty treats with the Disney Frozen Snow Cone Maker in the Olaf style. First, simply add the flavor powder and water to the flavor bottle to make a delicious, sugar-free syrup. Add ice cubes to the snow cone maker and crank the handle to make “snow,” to which your child can then add as much flavor as he or she wants. Ideal for making Frozen treats in summer or any time of the year, the snow cone maker is styled to look like Olaf from the hit Disney film for a toy that will melt hearts.






Dance & Sing Olaf

Watch Olaf come to Life! With his suction cups Olaf clings to most flat surface or place Olaf on his stand and he’ll dance anywhere you set him.  Olaf dance to “In Summer” from Frozen or to your favorite tune, He is sound or touch activated. 230

Hide & Hug Olaf : A fun Family Experience

This deluxe box features a brand-new story about Olaf the snowman. Inside, children will also find a huggable Olaf plush. Following the hide-and-seek theme of the story, parents can hide the plush for children to find and deliver Olaf’s big, warm hug.  

Disney Frozen Elsa of Arendelle &

Disney Frozen Musical Magic Anna Doll

Your little one can hold the Disney Frozen Musical Magic Anna Doll’s hand to hear Anna sing iconic music inspired by the hit Disney film. The doll lights up for even more fun, as your child reenacst his or her favorite scenes from Frozen. Join her hands with the Musical Magic Elsa Doll (sold separately) to hear both sisters sing together in lovely harmony. Anna is wearing a dress with a pink bodice and blue skirt, which is accented by lovely traditional Norwegian rosemaling designs.

Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll

The long blue skirt stops just above the floor to provide a peek at her translucent blue heels. A sheer white overcoat detailed with snowflake sparkles completes the sophisticated look, while her flowing blond hair, pulled into a side braid and topped with a translucent, glittery blue tiara is the perfect final touch. Girls will love reenacting the adventures of Elsa from the film or creating new ones for this beautiful and elegant character.


Frozen Animator’s Collection Doll Gift Set

These popular Anna & Elsa dolls, inspired by Disney’s hit animated film, Frozen, join together with their satin dresses, dress froms and sun loving snowman Olaf in this delightful gift set.


Build -A-Bear  Olaf, Elsa & Anna Bears -

Coming soon to a Build- A-Bear near you be ready for these for they  will be flying off the shelves.

frozen books

Those these books weren’t featured at TTPM, but  I couldn’t resist adding them to this list. Reading is so important and if your children loved watching the movie, they will love reading these as well.


Which Frozen item is your favorite?


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